Recent Work

I paint and collage worn-out quilts and other hand-sewn domestic items. What started out as a frustrated statement about the lack of visibility of women in the arts in 1980 has turned into my life’s work. The discovery of the breadth and depth of meaning in the quilt has been the main focus of my work. Through a conversation with the vernacular of the quilt pattern names, the fabric designs, the layering, and how they were used and how they decomposed, I examine the deeper meaning of an object designed to cover a bed that became a witness to dreams, sex, birth, death and more.

Some of this work was created over a span of several years, yet most of it was created or completed in this last year during a time of political, social, and medical unrest unprecedented in my lifetime.


The quilt was created as a bed cover. This work explores the many layered meanings of bed as witness to birth, sex, love, dreams, insomnia, death, comfort, ideas…

The Bed 1
Discarded crib quilt Quilted cotton, canvas, acrylic
54″ x 40″

The Bed 2
Discarded crib quilt, cotton fabric, cotton, canvas, acrylic
54″ x 38 1/2″

The Bed 3
Tumbling Blocks quilt fragment, acrylic
53 1/2″ x 36 1/2″