1972 BA, University of Kentucky

2008 BFA, University of Louisville,

2009 MA, University of Louisville


Selected Exhibitions

2020 Denise Mucci Furnish: Recent Works (solo), Susan Moreman Gallery, Louisville

2020 We All Declare for Liberty, Quappi Projects, Louisville

2018 Don’t Turn Around, Don’t Look Down, Quappi Projects, Louisville

2018 Louisville Artists: Carry On, Janice Mason Art Museum, Cadiz, KY, and LVA Gallery

2015 Denise Furnish: Crib Quilts and More (solo), New Editions Gallery, Lexington, KY

2014 Color Stories (2 person), KMAC Museum, Louisville

2010 The Artist as Quiltmaker XIV, Firelands Association for the Arts, Oberlin, OH

2010 Art Quilts Elements, Philadelphia, PA

2009 Seeing Strength, Seeing Power, Cressman Center, University of Louisville

2008 The Artist as Quiltmaker XIII, Association for the Arts, Oberlin, OH

2003 Here & There: Exploring Regionalism, Michael Wardle Gallery, Las Vegas, NV,

1999 Kentucky Quilts: Roots and Wings, The Folk Art Museum, Morehead, KY, (circulating)

1997 Re-Volution: Quilts and Altar Cloths (2 person), KMAC Museum, Louisville

1993 Contemporary American uilts, Crafts Council Gallery, London, England, (circulating)

1991-93 Contemporary Quilts USA, USIA international circulating exhibition

1992 Quilt Conceptions: Designs in Other Media, Ky Art and Craft Gallery, Louisville

1990 Transformations: Feminist Art by Louisville Artists, Louisville Visual Arts Association

1987 Re-defining the American Quilt   Pennsylvania State Art Gallery

1986 Contemporary Quilts, Boston University Art Gallery, Boston, MA

1985 Eight States Annual: Crafts, JB Speed Art Museum, Louisville, KY


Awards and Grants

2020 Great Meadows Foundation Grant

2010 Surface Design Award, Art Quilts Elements, Juried, Philadelphia, PA

2010 Juror’s Choice Award of Excellence, the Artist as Quiltmaker XIV, Oberlin, Ohio

2008 Juror’s Choice Award of Excellence, the Artist as Quiltmaker XIII, Oberlin, Ohio

2003 KY Arts Council, Artist In Residence Grant

2001 Louisville Sister Cities Mainz committee, Frankfurterhof Arts Center, Mainz, Germany,

1995 KY Foundation for Women’s Fellowship in the Visual Arts, Two week fellowship, Mary Anderson Center for the Arts

1994 KY Women Artist’s Fellowship Program, Six-week fellowship, Virginia Center for the Creative Arts


Selected collections

Morton Salt, Weeks Island, Louisiana

NTS Corporation, Louisville, Kentucky

Brown Forman Corporation, Louisville, Kentucky

Ohia Design, Honolulu Hawaii



Surface Design Journal Fall, 2010, Speaking of the Language of Change: Quilt as Metaphor
By Kate Lenkowsky