Vermont Quilt Festival, Invitational, Waybridge, VT   2014

The Artist as Quiltmaker XIV, Juried, Firelands Association for the Arts, Oberlin, OH 2010

Art Quilts Elements, Juried, Philadelphia, PA 2010

The Artist as Quiltmaker XIII, Juried, Firelands Association for the Arts, Oberlin, OH 2008

Puzzled and Bored, Invitational, The New England Quilt Museum, Lowell, MA  2008

Art Quilts at the Sedgwick, Juried, Philadelphia, PA 2006

The Artist as Quiltmaker XII, Juried, Firelands Association for the Arts, Oberlin, OH 2006

Encompass, Argdillan Castle, Invitational, Dublin, Ireland, 2004

Here & There: Exploring Regionalism, Invitational, Michael Wardle Gallery, LasVegas, NV, 2003

Art in the Embassies Program, Invitational, American Embassy, Lisbon, Portugal, 1998-2001

Contemporary American Quilts, Invitational, Crafts Council, London, England, 1993

Contemporary American Quilts, Invitational, Crafts Council, Dublin, Ireland, 1993

Inception, Gallery 108, Invitational, New York, NY, 1993

Contemporary Quilts USA, US Information Agency international tour Invitational, 1991-1993

Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, Collegium Artisticum, 3/10 – 4/1/90

Barcelona, Spain, Foundation Calixa de Barcelona, 5/7 – 6/10/90

Lisbon, Portugal, Museu des Arte Popular, 7/3 – 7/25/90

Lappeemante, Finland, Laura-Korpidavoia Tamminent, 9/13 – 10/28/90

Pori, Finland, Satakunta Museum, 11/9 – 12/22/90

Oslo, Norway, Tromso Museum, 1/20 – 3/10/91

Reykjavik, Iceland, The Reykjavik Municipal Museum of Art “Kjaravalssstadir” 4/6 – 4/21/91

Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Museum of Applied Arts, 5/29 –6/11/91

Ljubljana, Yugoslavia, Mestna Galerja, 7/25 – 8/8/91

Copenhagen, Denmark, G.L. Holagaard Art Museum, 9/1 – 10/15/91

Sondejylland, Denmark, Sondejylland Art Museum, 10/20 – 11/24/91

The Hague, The Netherlands, Netherlands Textile Museum 12/15 – 3/92

Bath, United Kingdom, American Museum, 4/1 – 9/15/92

Thessaloniki, Greece, Mylos Cultural Center, 2/1 – 4/30/93

Lodz, Poland, Central Textile Museum, 5/15 – 6/25/93

Wrocklaw, Poland, Wrocklaw Architectural Museum, 7/8 – 8/31/93

Goerlitz, Saxonia, Germany, Goerlitlzer Annen Kalle, 10/8 – 10/31/93

Krefeld, North Rhine Westphalia, Germany, Deutche Tetile Museum, 12/6 – 1/30/94

Speyer, Germany, Art Gallery, Technik-Museum Speyer, 3/10 – 4/14/94

Long Island Quilter’s Society, Invitational, Mineola, NY, 1989

Re-defining the American Quilt, Invitational, Pennsylvania State Art Gallery, Univ.Park, PA, 1987

Contemporary Quilts, Juried, Boston University Art Gallery, Boston, MA, 1986



Louisville Artists: Carry On, Group Show, Janice Mason Art Museum, Cadiz, KY, Louisville Visual Art Gallery, 2018

Don’t Turn Around-Don’t Look Down, Group Show, Quappi Projects, Louisville 2018

Art of Color: A Newgrasses Exhibit, four person show, Portland Museum, Louisville KY, 2017

Tessile Ora, Three person show, Louisville Metro Hall, 2017

Gridworks, Group Show, New Editions Gallery Lexington KY, 2017

Common Threads, Three person show, Greiner Art Gallery Lynn Center for Fine Arts Hanover, IN, 2016

Denise Furnish: Crib Quilts and More, New Editions Gallery, Lexington, KY,  2015

Color Stories, Two person Exhibit, Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, 2014

Seeing Strength, Seeing Power: Masters Thesis Exhibition, University of Louisville Cressman Center, 2009

The Yoyo Sisterhood: Four Perspectives, One Pattern, Garner-Furnish Studio Louisville KY 2006

LAFTA Show, Juried, Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, 2004

The Tree of Life Project, Louisville Area Fiber and Textile Artists, The Water Tower, Louisville, KY, 2002, Bernheim Arboretum; Clermont, KY, 2001

Kentucky Quilts: Roots And Wings, Invitational, Traveling show, The Folk Art Museum, Morehead, KY, 1999

Re-Volution: Quilts and Altar Cloths, Kentucky Art and Craft Foundation, Two person show, Louisville, KY, 1997

Denise Mucci Furnish: Quilts and Prayer Cloths, Inspirations Gallery, One person show, Louisville, KY, 1996

The Art of the Book, Invitational, The Kentucky Art and Craft Gallery, Louisville, KY, 1995

Quilt Conceptions: Designs in Other Media, Invitational, Kentucky Art and Craft Gallery, Louisville, KY, 1992

Transformations: Feminist Art by Louisville Artists, Invitational, Louisville Visual Art Association, 1990

Artist’s and their Children, Invitational, Liberty Gallery, Louisville, KY, 1988

Color, Shape, Texture: Painterly Approaches to Quiltmaking, Invitational, The Water Tower, Louisville, KY, 1986

Denise Mucci Furnish: Quilts, Loho Gallery, Two-person show, Louisville, KY, 1986

Eight States Annual: Crafts, Juried, JB Speed Art Museum, Louisville, KY, 1985

Kentucky Revisited, an Overview of Kentucky Artists, Invitational, State Capitol, Frankfort, KY, 1984

Mid-States Crafts Exhibition, Juried, Evansville Museum of Fine Arts, Evansville, IN, 1982

Eight States Annual: Graphics, Juried, JB Speed Art Museum, Louisville, KY, 1981

The Earth Show, Juried, Louisville Visual Art Association, Louisville, KY 1981

Louisville Quilts, An exhibition of quilts created in celebration of the Louisville–Jefferson County Bicentennial, Louisville Art Gallery, 1980